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Sarah Jane [Tuesday 5th October 2020] -

Sharing the love this morning
Recently took my own advice and decided to take some time for ME.
I paid a visit to Ian at Mirage and honestly have been BLOWN AWAY by how much this worked.
Crystal healing! Heard of it?
Check out more from this man.
I’m so glad I did


Sarah Fisher
recommends Mirage Health and Wellbeing

Had a much needed reflexology session with Ian - my first ever. It was wonderful.
I was quickly at ease and relaxed and feel much better
Thank you very much.


Helen Wright recommends Mirage Health and Wellbeing.
Lovely place, I called for a last minute appointment for the next day and Ian made arrangements for me and my daughter. Lovely man very helpful and informative wish I lived here as I’d visit his practice every week.x


Case Study Tina [Sound Therapy]
“Very relaxing. My feet relaxed. Tension eased in shoulders. When tuning forks introduced, sounded like underwater, then cleared. When turned over, it felt as if right shoulder lifted, and my left [arthritic] thumb was less painful. [At one point] felt I needed deeper breaths – then calmed. Felt it was my stress easing”


Case Study Julia [Sound Therapy]
“Every few minutes felt stimulated then relaxed, stimulated then relaxed. When [we] started, felt the vibrations go through me. After the 10 minute interval, felt it [vibrations] around the Heart Chakra. Sort of ‘bang and wobble’. It did it twice and then it settled down. ‘Obviously something [ I ] needed’”


Pam Lawson

Last week, I had Reiki with Ian at Mirage Health and Well-being. Hard to explain, yet at the end of it, I just felt so calm and mellow. Serene. This has lasted with me for several days.
Talking it over, Will try Crystal Therapy next time. Really looking forward to it!


Case Study Julia [Sound Healing]
“Lovely, best yet! Don’t know where I was – certainly not here. Another Space and Time. Can I go back? It was a place of Peace. My head is a lot better now, and less bogged down and heavy”.
Case Study Sarah W [session 4 feedback] “Was very aware of vibrations through [my] body with the chanting. Not strong, yet aware.
I felt like [I was] on a sunny river boat. Like ’a dream-like summer drifting small boat’. Oh, and the river was winding and going upwards before me.
My body went VERY heavy, but not in a bad way. I know I came in VERY wound up about work.
And Time slowed right down. Only a ten minute interval? Now I feel released – revitalised and reset.”



Victoria W

Group Gong Session, 4th August 2023.

This was amazing… still not quite sure what happened! Thank you



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mirage Counselling Centre?

Mirage is an holistic therapy centre. It looks at the client as a whole, with therapists for hypnotherapy, visualisation, reiki, crystal therapy, chiropody, chiropractic and different massages, as well as personal counselling.

What happens if I telephone or walk in?

Nearly always there will be a receptionist. They will arrange an appointment with you for an initial session. This will enable us to meet and introduce ourselves. Our number is 01243 820330

If I find it difficult to talk and explain, what then?

Some people may feel the need to explain everything immediately, others may need to feel safe and more confident before sharing. What is comfortable for you is 'the right way'.

How do hypnotherapy sessions usually work in practice?

There are no hard and fast rules as everyone is different, as are their circumstances. Usually one, no more than three, sessions.

How do counselling sessions usually work in practice?

Usually, weekly meetings lasting an hour.

How long does counselling generally last?

There are no hard and fast rules as everyone is different, as are their circumstances. Review points may be included into the initially agreed number of meetings.

How do we agree when a course of counselling has ended?

Once more, this varies acording to the individual, yet it is always in your control. Some may have an agreed number of sessions; others may reduce the frequency of the sessions from weekly. You will know what is best for you.

How much will it cost per session?

Counselling £40
Hypnotherapy £65



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